What are the Latest innovative technologies in Massage Chairs?

New innovations in massage chair technology are taking things beyond the basic functions. A typical massage chair is supported to provide relaxation through kneading, vibrating massage, squeezing, and pinching among other actions. But a wide range of new innovations is continuously being added.

3D Massage Technology

This is a new innovation in roller system with the roller heads protruding from the track to ensure that often neglected areas are massaged. The areas include upper shoulder and upper neck. This helps provide deep massage to tissue that cannot be accessed by earlier massage chairs. The benefits of 3D massage chairs are as follows:

  • Get more intense massage and relaxation
  • Adjust the feature to adjust the massage head protrusion. This provides more control over the intensity of the massage.
  • Get more relaxation by getting a deeper massage in areas that cannot be accessed by other chairs.

Negative-ion massage chair is another new technology in this field.

Negative-Ion Massage Chairs

The latest negative-ion massage chairs can have a full set of features that you can find in a full body massage chair. But the new innovation includes a special negative-ion oxygen-bar. This technology increases oxygen density in air to make you feel better and more relaxed. Some of the different benefits of higher oxygen density are as follows:

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Feeling of wellbeing

Advanced Features

When it comes to choosing the best massage chairs, it is recommended to read massage chair reviews. The reviews from users and experts can provide you in-depth details about the benefits of different features and functions. Besides the above-mentioned technologies, there are many new sophisticated features that make an excellent massage chair. This includes the following:

  • Massage for complete back
  • Massage for hips and glutes
  • Special custom super stretch feature
  • Lumbar heating function
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Multiple auto wellness programs
  • LCD display for control
  • Bluetooth speakers

So if you are looking for a full-featured massage chair, consider choosing a model that has the latest innovative technologies and features. It will be best to check massage chair reviews to find out which models will work best for your needs.

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