Use of Waklert for Off Label Purposes Normally Done with Amphetamines

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Provigil or Waklert is a brand registered for a medication based on Armodafinil. But the same medication is also under a variety of names. You will be able to get the cheapest but no way will it be inferior or a medication that is less effective by looking for generic Waklert.


These medications are mainly used for narcolepsy, sleep disorder from shift work, and as boosters of cognitive functions in various conditions or lack of sleep. The third method that is mentioned for use is called “off-label” as it is not officially recognized but this medication is safe and non-addictive, so it can be used without any fear. Find out more about the pills, use precautions and measures that you can take to avoid any experience that is negative with these pills from the article below.

Brand name

Waklert is nothing more than a brand name of a medication based on the medical product known as Armodafinil. The medication was developed in the mid-2000s by a certain drug company who patented this medication and until lately was the only company able to use the formula and market this drug. But currently, this drug has been made by a variety of drug producers from all around the world since the patent for this medication has expired. In cases where the patent has expired, the formula for the medication can be used by any drug company if they used the formula under another name for the drug.

Form of Modafinil

Armodafinil is an analogy of Modafinil which is another wakefulness medication promoting agent that was developed for the management of sleepiness in those who have narcolepsy. Armodafinil is the same but a bit improved substance which allows using a lower dosage for the same or even more potent effect. For example, if Modafinil renders its effectiveness for 8-10 hours, Armodafinil acts for 10-12 hours when the smaller dosage is used.


This medication is quite popular around the world not due to narcolepsy but due to it also being effective in sleepiness caused by depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, lowering cognitive functions due to trauma to the brain, sensitivity to weather, attention deficit disorder as well as many other conditions or even without any conditions to get the boost of cognitive functions such as focus, memory, thinking speed, creativity, vigilance and many others. These are known as “off-label uses” of the medication and are not officially approved by the FDA or any similar authorities from other countries.

Ensure alertness

It is even used by military forces, police as well as air traffic companies which all admit to using Armodafinil for their employees to make sure the highest level of vigilance, concentration, and generally for the endurance in extreme situations. Formerly for this purpose amphetamines have been used but with many side effects that are severe like addiction physical to the amphetamines, brain damage, no appetite, hallucination and other depletion of body resources.

Armodafinil has replaced fully amphetamines for good. They act equally to amphetamines, stimulating that part of the brain that is responsible for being wake and being alert, yet it does not damage any part of the nervous system or cause any dependence, and this has been proven in multiple years of study.

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