Tips to Having Healthy Skin and a More Youthful Look

The skin is an outer image of your inner health. Clear, moist, skin that glows is a sign of good diet and the use of skin products that are natural. While dry, scaly, pale skin often results from a sub-par diet and soap and oils that contain ingredients not healthy for the skin. So, it is time to start taking better care of your body with healthy diets and skin care products that are all natural.


There is no tip that is as priceless as an easier than drinking more water and starting at least some exercising every day. But this is just the start. You will be hitting the gym, making certain to get 8 hours of sleep at night, and a few more tips that will help your skin be the best image of you possible.

Hot showers

Who doesn’t find a long, hot shower or bath extremely satisfying, especially in the middle of winter? But did you know that doing this every day strips your skin of its natural oils? Showers need to be lukewarm and for no more than about 10 minutes.

Pat dry

Then get out, pat your skin dry and moisturize. Experts have recommended to pat instead than a rub as rubbing in skin products doesn’t pull the skin. Apply skin products in a circular and upward motion. This lets products be absorbed more effectively and helps stimulate collagen production.

Too much heat

When winter temperatures arrive, it is the time for your heating bills will be going up. But just like a shower that is hot, it’s also one of the ways to dry out the skin. So, next winter keeps your home slightly cooler and if you have a humidifier, start using it.

Ice on face

Another tip for skin that creates the impression of a firm, glowing skin simply rub ice cubes on the face. Experts say that cold ice tightens you skin bringing blood up to the surface.

Skin products

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