The Newest Health Device on The Market Today – Making Workouts That Much Better

For most people who exercise on a regular basis, they are looking out for their health and they have a new “health device”.  Without this device exercising every day would become awfully boring.  What am I writing about – it is the ASMOTIM True Mini Wireless Earbuds 5.0 which have just hit the market and are making an impression on everyone! They are being called the Best Workout Headphone.


These wireless earbuds are the latest version Bluetooth5.0 and auto pairing, with song control, waterproof, earbuds with mics for taking phone calls and in-ear mini earphones which stay in the ear.

Push button

No need to press any button for activating the wireless headphones is unique and different.  These wireless earbuds can be powered on automatically and paired when taken out of the “charging case”.  They can also be automatically powered off and charged after putting them back into the charging case.  So simple and so convenient!

New Features

Upgraded sound quality –

New base unit that in the abundant listening experience, HD built-in microphones, offering a clean sound without with echo while taking a phone call;

Easy to ask SIRI –

Simply by touching the touch ring area for 3 times, then you can ask SIRI or the Android Voice Assistant;

Enhanced data rate –

Comes with the new Bluetooth 5.0 – compatible with a wide variety of devices.  More with the EDR, ensuring an un-distorted sound.


These ear-buds are totally waterproof from raindrops, sweat, and water on the beach.  How many earbuds have you ruined by getting them wet?  Not anymore will this happen.

Modern charging box

Many are drawn to their striking portable 500mA charging box, and the wireless earbuds can last for over 3.5 hours to 4 hours.  While on the go, charging case can charge 4 more times. You can enjoy music all day and not worry about a shortage of power.

Make your workouts fun again

So, if you need or want to work out every day to keep healthy but don’t want to be bored, it is greatly suggested that you check out these new, modern, earbuds with so many new features.

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