The Causes And Symptoms Of White Toenail Fungus

You may be suffering from a case of white superficial toenail fungus. If so, this article will be of interest as it provides information on the causes and symptoms of white nail fungus. The condition is known as white superficial onychomycosis (W.S.O. for short). Onychomycosis is the medical term for a fungal nail infection.

As for the causes of white toenail fungus; W.S.O is caused by an infection of a type of fungus called Trichophyton mentagrophyte. This fungus is a common cause of fungal nail infections. Fungi thrive in warm, dark, and moist places. They can easily spread from person to person in places where people congregate like swimming pools or changing rooms. Walking barefoot in these places can cause a fungal nail infection. Additionally, sharing tainted things like towels, attire, or footwear can spread organism spores and cause a contamination…

…Nail parasite contaminations are additionally caused by the over-utilization of nail clean. Wearing several layers of nail polish or wearing it for extended periods of time will suffocate your nails and reduce their health. Unhealthy nails are more susceptible to fungal nail infections. You’re more at risk of developing this kind of nail fungus if you’re feeling run down or if you’re experiencing emotional stress. Other factors include metabolic disorders like diabetes, nail injuries, old age, and athletes foot.

In regard to the symptoms of white toenail fungus; White nail fungus begins with the development of white or off-white powdery patches on the surface of your nail. The white patches will take the form of small dots or large blotches. Your nails will also develop a bad smell. They will thicken up and become painful as they split away from the nail bed. The pain may be so severe that you have to stop wearing closed shoes because of the pressure. The white blotches will eventually spread out over your nails making them rough, crusty, and crumbly…

…Over time, the nail will thicken up more and more and if it’s left untreated, it’ll have to be removed completely. When your white nail fungus reaches an advanced stage, your nail will be vulnerable to bacterial infections. You may have developed another type of white nail fungus called white flakey nail fungus. If you have this condition, your nail will be whitish yellow and covered in flakes.

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