The benefits of sports massage for the body

More and more people come to the masseur to relieve their pain, overload, contractures or muscle breakdown. That is why it is very important for every professional masseur to master the techniques of sports massage.

Sports massage is a manual technique that aims to improve the performance and physical condition of the athlete. It is applied so that the athlete can reach optimal fitness, as well as prevent and avoid injuries or accelerate the rehabilitation of muscle problems that already had.

This type of massage can be used both as a preparation prior to training or competition, or to stretch and relax the muscles after daily training. Therefore, there are four times when athletes should go to their usual masseuse:

  • Maintenance massage:

    Given regularly before or after training.

  • Competition massage:

    Used as a warm-up prior to competition to reduce excessive muscular and mental tension of the athlete.

  • Post-event massage:

    Help with the recovery process of the athlete.

  • Rehabilitation massage:

    Even when it is prevented to avoid injuries, some may always appear.

Wade massage Brisbane differs from the rest because it is aimed at benefiting specific muscles that have undergone or are going to undergo the burden of the physical exercise of each athlete, and tend to be deeper and more intense.

The advantages are:

  • The stretching and relaxation of muscles.
  • Each muscle regains its shape and elasticity, giving better sports results and a greater recovery from physical activity.
  • Helps in the prevention of muscular sports injuries.
  • Notoriously improves existing injuries.
  • Increases the energy level in the body causing the resistance of the muscles to increase.
  • Stimulates circulation in the muscles
  • Relaxes the mind and body.

What is massage therapy?

It is the set of methods that have a therapeutic and/or preventive purpose that is applied manually on the muscular, bony, conjunctive and nervous tissues; through this, physiological reactions are obtained directly or reflexively, which balance and normalize the various muscular.

What are the effects of therapeutic massage?

Physiological-hygienic: When the massage is performed in a healthy person to provide more vigor to the body or relieve fatigue, is associated with the practice of exercise, soft gymnastics and/or thermal baths.

Massage utilities

The physiological action of massage on the organism represents a complex physiological process in which many organs and systems participate, all directed by the Central Nervous System, in this action, we have to highlight three factors, the nervous, the humeral and the mechanical. Stress, routine, worries and poor posture often trigger symptoms and discomfort that often do not calm down with a pill, but with a relaxing massage. More than a vain technique, relaxing massage allows your mind and your body to find the balance it needs.

During a relaxing massage the person enters a state of deconcentration between their breathing, sensations and their body, so it balances the mind, increases cerebral oxygenation, calms anxiety and dissipates tensions.

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