November – a National Sleep Comfort Month

November is National Sleep Comfort Month. With the end of the year approaching, along with the overwhelming stress of the holiday season, November is the perfect time to focus on getting enough sleep and taking time out to evaluate sleep habits. Are you getting enough sleep? If not, what can you do to improve your quality of sleep? Sleep can be induced by a good hybrid weed strain.

Millions of Americans have trouble sleeping, so if you are one of them, you are certainly not alone. Besides the obvious stress, behavior changes, and lack of productivity caused by lack of sleep, it can also cause more serious long-lasting problems like anxiety, depression, and even heart disease. There are several factors that can cause sleep disruptions and make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. If you decide to use cannabis for sleep then you will have many different types of weed to choose from.

Being comfortable and getting rid of distractions is the first step in working towards improving sleep. Mobile devices with their lights, bells, and whistles keep us from letting go of the stress of the day. Emails and text messages can wait until tomorrow. Silencing your mobile devices and keeping them away from the bedside or even out of the bedroom completely at bedtime can help you get your mind into sleep mode. It seems simple, but we all could use a reminder every now and then, especially when it comes to the varying weed prices out there!

Evaluating the condition of your bed is also important in ensuring you maximize your sleep comfort. When was the last time you replaced your mattress or pillows? Mattresses can last up to 10 years if taken care of properly. They should be rotated often so they wear evenly. Pillows should be replaced every year due to the oils that are absorbed by them over the course of a year’s use.

Focusing on sleep habits is not just something that should only be done once a year, but all year long. If you have been having trouble sleeping and need help getting back on track be sure to evaluate factors in your life that contribute to your sleep habits and address them honestly with yourself. Putting calls, email, and late night social media use on hold and taking better care of your mattress may mean more peaceful sleep for you.

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