Not everyone can go for the cost incurred in a rehabilitation center to save oneself from the harmful clutches of alcohol. For such people, home detox is a good option to help them become free from the worst effects of drinking.

Home detox is suitable for addicts who want to recover with the help of outpatient services but for some unavoidable reasons are unable to visit the clinic. This option is quite affordable Home Alcohol Detox Prices one that can cost quite less compared to costs involved in outpatient or inpatient detox at a private facility. But it is not known exactly how much a home detox costs as every detox is an individual scenario with their independent costs.


Home detox is the treatment that requires a registered nurse to visit the home of the patient in order to help him with the detox treatment. The nurse provides her care all round the clock. Certain factors that affect the cost of home detox are:


The average time required for a complete home detox is a week. If necessary, sometimes the time gets extended to some more days thereby driving up the additional cost.


The specific medications required for a home detox depend on factors like the type of addiction and its duration for overcoming it completely. Making other methods of treatment more costly pushes many to opt for this treatment.


The total cost of home detox can be kept low if there is no emergency that needs immediate action for dealing with a medical emergency. If there are any medical emergencies it will obviously lead to a rise in the total treatment of home detox.


This can be the biggest expenditure of home detox. If your house is located at quite an accessible place with many nurses close by, then you can get away with minimum expenses. A rural location of one’s house leads to a rise in the cost of the total home detox treatment.


At times the patient and his family are against any costs of home detox or some similar kind of treatment. In such a case they opt for free detox treatments. But usually, free detox should not be opted for as they are too oversubscribed. They come with long waiting periods which compels the addict to see for help from other support services. The number of people still going for the free detox leads to an overwhelming system. Moreover, all free detox service centers do not have the money or enough resources to make people go for a systematic and complete detox program.

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