Introduction of generic Zithromax and other drugs – a boon or bane?

The branded manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies of drugs and medicines were in practice of getting their products patented and copyright in a certain country. The sole reason being the profit motive. It helped them in making supernatural profits without any special efforts being put in. But this was not the correct way of dealing when they were carrying out a business on which lives of many individuals of their own country were put on risk, and they had the means to help?

Advantages of Generic Drugs:

  • But this soon came to an end when new companies entered the market with the generic version of the same medicines.
  • The major advantage of these was that they were made out of the same compound as the branded medicine.
  • But just by introducing under the generic name, its price in the market came down several times. Without any degradation in the contents and with the same effectiveness and safety.
  • People suffering from the various disease who were earlier not in a financial state to buy the medicines now had the means the fortune of getting themselves cured without paying a high price.

The development of generic medicines led to a decrease in mortality rate, and people led a prosperous life. This also increased the life expectancy rate and hence gave everyone an equal opportunity of living their life to the fullest.


As some of these medicines are more useful than the others because of the type of infections and diseases they are able to cure. And sometimes it can be difficult to find these at the local medical shops, so online purchase of such medicines can also be made.

One of the most important among them is Zithromax.

It is an antibiotic and as stated by doctors that there is absolutely no need of taking any antibiotics unless and until there is affirmation regarding the presence of bacterial infections. It is known for eliminating the symptoms of inflammatory diseases even though inflammation in certain circumstances or after an injury is considered the normal and healthy response from the body.

On the other hand, it will be taken as a serious concern if the inflammation takes place such that the immune system causes the body cells or tissues to attack itself and cause severe pain, uneasiness, stiffness in muscles, swelling, etc. This antibiotic is also known popularly by the name of Azithromycin.

The advancement in the medical field has not only found a cure for most of the disease and disorders but also has made it available to even the poorest section of the society by creating generic medicines. These can be brought into the market once the patent of the original manufacturing company goes out.

Also, they can’t be sold under the same name as developed by them, so it comes out in the generic market with a different name as well. Although sometimes the price of both generic and original medicine can be the same, in the majority of cases the former is cheaper than the latter. And if you don’t care about the name and all you rely upon is the actual benefits of the medicine, RXShop MD for generic is a suitable option.

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