How to plan your knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery also goes by the name of knee arthroplasty. During the procedure the weight bearing joints of the knee are replaced. With the help of this procedure an individual is able to return back to t,heir normal activities. But with total knee replacement it is not designed for activities like jogging, though you could people participating in such type of activities as well. Always opt for the best orthopaedic hospital in India as the recovery happens to be superior. This method is rated to be a miracle of the modern surgical world. It does go a long way in helping you to cope up with the arthritis of the knees. This surgery has gone on give a second lease of life to millions of people all over the world. You are a candidate for knee replacement surgery in the following cases

  • If the pain occurs on a daily basis
  • Stiffness of your knees and the pain does become so severe that it restricts your day to day work

The phase of preparation as far as a knee replacement surgery evolves?

  • If you are into smoking cut down it on an immediate basis. Smoking would go on to delay the process of recovery.
  • In case if you drink do not consume alcohol before 48 hours of the surgery
  • Discuss with your doctor about the pre surgical exercises. In case if you are suffering from knee replacement issues then undertake a series of exercises to strengthen the upper portion of your body. This will guide you on how to walk with a walker once the surgery is over.
  • The primary doctor would go on to conduct a detailed medical examination a few weeks before the surgery is about to take place. The focus of this examination would be to figure out your response to anaesthesia. All the results of this test would be forwarded to your orthopaedic surgeon and you might need to obtain a surgical clearance as well.

The care that is provided by the hospital after a knee replacement surgery

  • On the first day of your surgery, you are going to work with a physical therapist who will teach you exercises on how to restore movement of leg and knees
  • During the stay at the hospital you are going to be part of physical therapy a couple of times a day. The occupational therapist with a discharge planner will guide you on how to return back home quickly.
  • The doctor is going to suggest a CPM machine which will bend and then straighten your knee
  • The chances are that you might be given special elastic socks to reduce your swelling. Sometimes medicines could be provided to prevent blood clots and reduce swelling.
  • Before the scheduled date of surgery, the chances are that you are going to have an orthopaedic examination so that the procedure is reviewed and any last minute questions are answered.
  • You might have to be part of several tests include blood or a urine test. Chest X rays are also common at this point of time.
  • You need to discuss with your doctor the kind of medical conditions you are suffering with the medicines you are consuming. Sometimes you may have to stop consumption of certain medicines when you are pregnant or the surgeon would have to give you an alternative medicine as well. There are some medicines that you need to manage before and after the surgery.

The exact time required after a knee replacement surgery?

  • Once again the phase of recovery does vary from a patient to patient. Normally the recovery takes place within 4 weeks. You might be able to drive a car with a couple of weeks
  • The people who are part of a knee replacement surgery would gradually go on to enhance their work load. They can be part of sports in about 12 weeks. Though it has to be stated that active sports like jogging or single tennis is not suggested
  • Once you are discharged there is no need to head over to a nursing room. If a patient leaves alone they might have to stay in a rehab clinic for a few days after the surgery. This would also depend on what would be the phase of progress in the hospital. The recovery and healing would vary from person to person.

Once the surgery is over you are likely to have a series of follow up visits with your doctor. The duration of visit is 3 weeks, 6 weeks or 9 weeks. After a certain point of time the recovery does appear to be on a one to one basis. To recover better from a knee surgery there are some tips that you can advocate

  • Do not go on to lift any heavy weights
  • Climbing of stairs is restricted to a considerable level
  • Be active and healthy at the same time
  • Do stay away from impact sports
  • It would be better to discuss with your surgeon if you are planning to switch to high powered sports
  • Do not lift or go on to push heavy objects
  • Before moving think
  • Do not stuff in extra calories. Have a control over your weight before and after the surgery

Why India seems to be a rosy destination for all your medical needs?

Of late India has gone on to become one of the major powers in the domain of medical tourism.  If you draw a comparison the contribution of this sector to the economy stands to be around second in stature. The government has gone on to extend all possible support for the development of this sector. A lot of initiatives in the form of visa on arrival are provided. This means that the patients can gain access to quality treatment.

The main reason why patients are drawn to this part of the world would be the low cost treatment. This is assuring the fact that the quality does appear to be of topmost standards.

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