Going for Lip Augmentation? Consider These Useful Tips

According to conducted study, more than 80{690aabf473ee9cb8b4fc656c49d18b478e1090738caf1b9c11215dfe446bbf22} of women would like to change something in their appearance. This desire is absolutely natural. Moreover, presently, the modern cosmetology provides perfect opportunities to accentuate your beauty without any address to plastic surgeries. In this article, we would like to speak in details about one of the most popular procedures of aesthetic cosmetology – lip injections. The procedure of lip augmentation implies adding additional volume to your lips using specific lip fillers. Presently, this procedure is on top of its popularity, as just in ten minutes, a woman is able to get more seductive lips and by doing this, she becomes more confident in herself and her appearance.

Which lip fillers exist

Since the time when the procedure of lip augmentation was performed for the first time, it underwent many stages of improvements and modernization. Presently, there exist several different lip fillers. Though presently, the most preferred and popular lip filler is the one based on hyaluronic acid, we would like to list the others too.

Hyaluronic acid lip filler.

The implementation of hyaluronic acid for dermal fillers has really revolutionized the sphere of less invasive cosmetological procedures. Hyaluronic acid is naturally received from the molecule of sugar. Representing an absolutely natural substance, it minimizes the risk of any side effects of allergic reactions. The hyaluronic acid is successfully applied not only for lip fillers but for other dermal fillers too. It is a perfect filler to get rid of undesired wrinkles and fine lines. The advantage of hyaluronic acid based fillers is not only that they plump up problematic face areas, but they also contribute to the natural skin rejuvenation and hydration processes as the injected hyaluronic acid encourages the production of natural collagen, which is the vital element that keeps our skin smooth and hydrated. The effect of this filler lasts some six months as hyaluronic acid is naturally absorbed by your skin cells. However, nothing prevents you to take the procedure again as there are absolutely no limitations.

Autologen lip filler.

This type of injection represents the procedure during which your own collagen, extracted from another part of your body, is injected into your lips. The procedure is also considered to be very safe as absolutely no chemical substances are injected. Nowadays, this procedure is not so popular, as it requires additional manipulation with extracting this collagen from your body.

Collagen lip filler.

This type of injection also implies the injection of collagen, however, the difference from an autologous lip filler is that here not your own collagen is used. Frequently, during this procedure, collagen extracted from cows is used. This filler is also not so popular as there is a possible risk of allergic reaction.

Fat lip injection.

This procedure represents the injection of your own received from your thighs or abdomen. Here, there is also no risk for possible allergic reaction, however, it losses to the hyaluronic acid filler, as the last one also promotes lip hydration.

As we can observe from the information mentioned above, nowadays, the hyaluronic acid based filler is the most optimal choice in case you want to add some volume to your lips. If the procedure is performed by a professional cosmetologist, you can be sure no one will ever guess that you had a lip augmentation procedure, as another important advantage of hyaluronic acid based filler is that it provides natural look of your lips. You will be able to see the result right immediately, however, keep in mind that slight swellings are possible right after the procedure, so it is recommended to evaluate the final result some two days after the procedure. As the procedure of lip augmentation still represents a medical procedure, before it, you should discuss with your doctor the general information about the allergies and chronic diseases, in case you have them, and also the medications, which you are taking in the moment. If you will follow all these advice, you can be sure, you will not have any problems after the procedure, and will just enjoy the received results.

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