Erectile Dysfunction in Men

According to a recent research, about 30 million men in the U.S. and almost 100 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, the next question is what is erectile dysfunction, ED and why should you care? According to Wikipedia, erectile dysfunction is the medical term for impotence. It is a malfunction characterized by the inability of a man’s penis to develop and/or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. This condition can come with certain psychological consequences because it can prompt relationship difficulties as well as self-image. Some analysis can be done on the body to diagnose the presence of erectile dysfunction, like getting full erections at times, especially when asleep, and taking note of how much impact diabetes mellitus has on causing erectile dysfunction.

Agreeably, the cornerstone of men’s emotional and overall physical well-being is the sexual health, and even though it is not a life-threatening disorder, it nonetheless remains a typical severe problem for men. There are myriads of causes of erectile dysfunction; however, a number of them are treatable, at least since the inception of the drug sildenafil.


The basic signs that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction is the persistent difficulty to get an erection and maintain it enough for sex.


The causes of erectile dysfunction, ED are usually medical but can as well be psychological. Many result from underlying medical conditions that affect the blood vessels or nerves that supply the penis while others are brought about by the use of numerous prescription drugs, use of alcohol, smoking, and others. Regardless of what the causative factor is, it is important to consult physicians when you are not having enough erection because this and other related conditions can be traced to some serious medical conditions. Simple or otherwise, a proper diagnosis is needed to address the issues and in turn, help proffer adequate resolutions to the sexual difficulties.

Conversely, the feelings of sexual excitement which initiates erection begin in the brain. Hence, depression and anxiety are conditions that can possibly interfere with the process. This is most common among young men, all summed up as psychological factors.


Erectile dysfunction causes can be treated to resolve the problem. Little things like changing the lifestyle (quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake), counseling and others can go a long way in making a difference. Meanwhile, ignorance is not advised as it can be a sign of other health problems.

Another viable medication is the Kamagra Jelly, which contains sildenafil. Sildenafil has a selective inhibitor of the PDE-5 which offers the needed solution for erectile dysfunction. How does it work? A firm and lasting erection necessary for a successful and enjoyable sexual activity is facilitated by the use of Kamagra Oral Jelly, in fact, it prevents premature ejaculation by increasing sexual libido. The pill is recommended to be taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

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