Dieting for Fertility: Why the Mediterranean Diet is Worth a Try

A new study has shown that women who choose to go for a Mediterranean diet may have a higher chance of getting pregnant especially if they are trying to through IVF. A total of 244 women were involved in the study where for 6 months their diets were analyzed before they went on to undergo the IVF treatment for the very first time.  Based on the findings, women who had a diet consist of fruit, fresh vegetable, whole grains, fish, legumes, and olive oil while going through the treatment improved their chance by 66{690aabf473ee9cb8b4fc656c49d18b478e1090738caf1b9c11215dfe446bbf22} compared to other women whose diet weren’t as healthy.

According to UK-based dietician Elaine Amphlett, the Mediterranean diet is unique in a way where it consists mostly of whole grains, vegetables, pasta, fruit, olive oil and rice along with moderate amounts of wine, cheese, yoghurt, fish, nuts, eggs, pulses, poultry, and even a bit of meat. Compared to the usual British diet which can contain huge amounts of saturated fats, the Mediterranean diet incorporates more monounsaturated fats instead. This results in a diet that has a better balance of fats, which can help reduce inflammation, especially around the heart area.

Extensive medical research has shown that circulatory and heart health can be significantly improved through a Mediterranean diet. When you go from a diet filled with bad cholesterol to one that is mostly composed of monounsaturated fat, you can benefit from the lowering of bad cholesterol in the body. This is a good thing because the presence of too much cholesterol in the body can cause blockage in the arteries which can then lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

It can also bring about a lot of benefits to our digestive health. The diet promotes the inclusion of foods that are rich in fiber which can lead to better digestion. There are also those that are crediting the diet for promoting weight loss. The diet cuts out processed food and instead goes for whole food instead. When one chooses to observe proper portion control, then it can really lead to some amazing results weight-wise.

If you are interested in the Mediterranean diet, it helps to take note of some important pointers to get the most benefit out of it. For instance, it is essential that you start your day with a proper breakfast. Some fruits and yogurt that you can take on the go will usually do.

When eating out, make it a point to divide our food in half. Consume only half of the food on your plate the rest can just be packed as leftovers and you can consume it for the next meal. It helps to always have chopped vegetables on hand too. It does not hurt to have your fridge stocked up with fresh, local produce too.

For dessert, try to go for fruit, instead of the usual sugar-laden food. It is important not to rush when eating too. Savor your every bite and take your time to enjoy the food. You will avoid over-eating when you incorporate these techniques during meal time. Learn more helpful diet and nutrition tips by reading about Elaine Amphlett online here.

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