Common Beliefs About Marijuana Detox

Wondering how to detoxify your body from the residues of Marijuana? Then you’ve found the right place. First, let’s talk about what Marijuana is. Unlike any other drugs, Marijuana came from the dried leaves, flowers, and seeds of a cannabis plant which was known for its psychoactive drug component and a mind-altering chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which was originally intended for medical or recreational use. People tend to use it by smoking, vaporizing, mixing it with food, or as an extract. Since cannabis was illegal in most countries, the long-term effects and the removal of its effects were still in ongoing debates. The researchers were not enough to verify its full effects on the human body.

There were several ways of detoxifying and eradicating radicals and harmful substances from our body, but the cannabis makes detoxifying challenging since it stays detectable in our system for a long time. According to some rumors, the marijuana users tend to drink vinegar in order to detoxify their body. The vinegar will make their body acidic until they will be able to vomit all the toxins, but this belief has no scientific basis.

There were also believes that eating a lot of foods rich in fiber and drinking eight to ten glasses of water as well as other liquids, such as herbal teas, cranberry juice, or energy drinks every day will help in flushing and hydrating your body due to their antioxidant and diuretic properties.

Daily exercise was another option. These include running, bicycling or swimming in order to increase metabolism and burn fat cells to cleanse your body tissues.

Lastly, another option was to seeking medical assistance as early as needed.

As there was no sufficient information gathered that will prove or support the effects of the detoxifying agents and methods stated above, a short survey was conducted to know the insights of the people regarding this matter. Three out of ten people agreed that seeking medical assistance was the best option, one said that vinegar will definitely help get marijuana out of the body, two others stated that drinking lots liquid was the best choice, one chooses the daily exercise and the others don’t aware nor care.

Different information about marijuana detox is all over the internet, but no one knows for sure if it is true. People tend to believe the things on the websites without actually knowing what was really behind that information. Educating oneself is another option. You should conduct your own researches, surveys or even ask the people around about their opinions. Sometimes the right information is in front of our own eyes, so take time to educate yourself.

Whatever method or believe you’ve been choosing, avoidance of using marijuana during detox process is a must. Proper education and awareness must be implemented to the public. Complications arise once the abuse is started. Never let your curiosity lead you to a serious mental illness, where you wouldn’t be able to stop using it even though it’s causing health and social problems in your life, as this will eventually lead to an addiction.

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