Cannabis Cookies as Holiday Giveaways? Why Not?!

Christmas is fast approaching and there is nothing better than sharing to uphold the holiday spirit. Whether you are planning to give presents as a prize for games or you simply want to show your friends and family you remembered them, you might want to consider giving away cannabis cookies. Here’s why it is a good idea:

Everybody Loves Cookies

Baked goods are some of the most popular treats during the holidays. It is perfect as a contribution to your family potluck or simply as a sweet surprise to your loved ones. Americans love it so much that on the average, they will consume 35,000 cookies (or more!) in their lifetime. It even has its own holiday, the National Cookie Day every December 4. Given that a lot of people love this delectable treat, it is perfectly reasonable to give out regular cookies, let alone cannabis-enhanced ones.

Share the Wonders of Cannabis

If you are a regular recreational or medical cannabis consumer, you know and enjoy the benefits this plant has to offer. Why not share its wonders with the people you love? Experienced friends will surely appreciate the gesture, while newbies might want to know beforehand what makes your cookie extra special.

It Helps Lighten the Mood

House parties can be sometimes stressful, especially if you have a large family and group of friends. Giving out these marijuana-infused sweets can help relieve some of the stress, whilst putting you in better moods for another round of interaction and hosting. This way, you can have a more exciting celebration that will be one for the books.

It is Easy to Make

Baking these treats can be breezy. Basically, you just make them like you make normal cookies. The only difference is you are adding in the most important ingredient: cannabis. You can simply mix in chopped or ground dried marijuana of your choice or you can use cannabutter as an alternative to regular butter. Just make sure that you do not overheat your mixture to prevent its terpenes and cannabinoids from evaporating.

The holiday season is something many people look forward to and the addition of this wonder herb can make a huge difference in your celebrations. By giving away cannabis-infused cookies, you are not only offering valuable experience to your family and friends but you are also living up to the essence of Christmas by sharing!

Author: Carrie Sze

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