4 Nutrition Plans for Muscle Development

Strength training diets have created some of the most enviable physiques in the world. Be it Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s build or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding legacy, there is no denying that numerous individuals around the world have been inspired by their figures. However, beginners often find themselves making mistakes too late in the game.

To truly pack muscles without being hurt, proper diet and nutrition should be taken seriously. Below is the lowdown of clean eating and the right supplementation whilst on a rigorous training program:

Do Your Research

Fuelling the body can be pretty tricky. Unless you’re a specialist in the field, a licensed dietitian or nutritionist, you might be confused on where to start. After all, misconceptions regarding proper nutrition can easily led people away, often becoming challenging obstacles that block their path. To truly learn about tried-and-tested techniques that have proven successful over time, consider conducting thorough research. Doing so allows you to start at a comfortable pace and slowly incorporate the necessary food groups into your diet.

Boost Your Calories

Individuals who are interested in increasing their muscle mass need to take in a lot of calories. This means adding at least 500 calories to the overall diet, especially when working out and undergoing extreme weightlifting sessions. With the help of the Basal Metabolic Rate calculator, individuals looking to make mass gains can appropriately compute for their minimum requirement.

Meal Frequency Doesn’t Matter

Contrary to popular belief, eating six small meals a day isn’t at all required. In fact, it doesn’t do anything to boost metabolism. To change this mindset within the community, beginners are commonly advised to simply find their frequency. So, whether you are used to eating three, four, five or six meals a day, these don’t matter as much. In the end, what comes out as important is your ability to meet your macros within a day. As long as you meet the total calories needed, the number of servings or dishes shouldn’t really matter.

Prepare for Pre- and Post- Workout Nutrition

For most individuals, it can be a struggle to take in a lot of meals during the day. After all, the throat and the stomach could only take so much. To help ease the pressure, why not focus on preparing for your pre- and post-workout nutrition? This will help in giving your muscles the care they need.

Many weightlifters choose to guzzle down high-calorie whey protein shakes that help them meet their goals without all the bloat. There are tons of recipes online, including ground oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds and other nutritious ingredients. Some even choose to add green, leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach to get as many nutrients as they can, whilst some individuals choose peanut butter and nuts to increase their protein intake.

Healthy living starts with a nutritious diet. With these helpful tips, you can fuel your body properly. In no time, you can see results and increase the chances of your success in the field of weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Author: Carrie Sze

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