What to Expect After Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee transplant in India is the highly preferred procedure to get rid of painful knees and restore the normal routine without much difficulty. This surgical procedure enables the patient to get lifestyle as they were having before surgery but surely without knee pain. However, healing and recovery after the knee replacement takes time but your active participation in the healing process can make the things easy for you and can optimize the outcomes of the procedure

During the recovery period, you can expect the following activities

Hospital Discharge

Knee replacement is an inpatient procedure so the patient has to stay 3-4 days in the hospital after the surgery.  But during these 3-4 days, you are taken care of by the hospital to ensure faster recovery without any potential complication and side effects.

Before your get discharge from the hospital along with getting clearance from account department by paying knee replacement cost in India, your service provider will make sure that you are physically fit and fine and even provide you some instructions for aftercare. Your doctor ensures that you are able to

  • Get in or out of your bed
  • Manage your pain
  • Eat, drink and use the washroom
  • Walk with walker or crutches
  • Perform light home exercises
  • Follow knee precaution activities to ensure healing

Before your discharge from the hospital, you will be made super aware about signs of potential infections and blood clots such as fever, redness, tenderness, swelling, pain in the leg, and many other of similar type so that you could be prevented from any kind of infection or complication. In case you notice any of sign then you are asked to consult your health provider immediately.

At home

Your actual contribution towards the success of knee replacement starts from home as there are some activities and precautions which you should take at home for best post-operative care.

Following is the list of some activities for care at home

Plan your recovery area

As after the surgery you need extra care and bed rest so you must pre-plan the area for yourself so that you can take rest and recover properly. Starting from the furniture to the pillows, chairs, toilet seats and shower chair all the things should be according to your need and recovery.

Care of treated area

You must care for your wound properly as per the instructions are given by your health provider. Always keep your wound area clean and dry and even you should take care of your wound during the shower or bathe.

It is possible that you could have some swelling for 3-4 months so you should keep your legs mostly in the elevated position to reduce your swelling. Even compression stockings can also help you to get rid of swelling and blood clots.

Most important thing after surgery is to take proper medicines so that wound can be healed properly and fast. Thus patients are always advised to take their medicines at right time and  as per the recommendation of your surgeon

Plan your Diet

Your healthy and nutritious diet can help you to get healed easily and faster so according to the advice of doctor and dietician add healthy and proper nutritious food in your meals so that your body could recover easily.

Back to Normal Activities

After knee replacement surgery it is important to remain active so that the strength and movement of the joint can be restored. Thus, gradually you can resume your normal activities as per the following guidelines

  • You can start driving when your doctor will give a green signal that your joint has restored its strength and normal movement
  • If you want to resume sexual activity then it can take several weeks after surgery and only your doctor can let you know about resuming it according to your condition and recovery after surgery.
  • After surgery, you can sleep on your back and on either of your side and stomach.
  • As per your recovery speed and nature of your work you can resume your job after taking advice from a doctor.
  • Patients are asked to avoid dangerous sports soon after the surgery but to stay healthy you can do walk or some other light exercises.
  • Ask your doctor before air travel as the pressure changes and immobility can cause swelling of your joint.

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