What Is New in Therapy – Sessions by Smart Phones

There have been changes in how people receive therapy in today’s world – where schedules should be met and its 30 minutes to get to the therapist and another 30 to get back to work. That’s 2 hours for a therapist session when it would be a lot shorter on the telephone.


Today with the changes that are radical in what therapy consists of and usually significantly fewer sessions are needed. There is more phone counselling, Skype, or online sessions are more the normal now. At Mindfulness Mavericks most of their one-to-one clients are remote from the therapist by using Skype or telephone. This change to working by phone is also true for:

  • Counsellors
  • Physiotherapist
  • Coaches
  • Other therapists

This working remotely has significant advantages for the client. No commuting and usually more convenient appointment times. John Nolen has been instrumental in bringing these changes to the Mavericks.

Series of appointments

Originally clients would make a series of appointments at a therapist office, then turn up sometimes for years. More recently there are groups which were found to be effective for many areas of change.


Life-altering skill

Mindfulness is a life-altering skill that takes a little time to learn, yet might take a lifetime to master. It helps clients to see more clearly what is going on in their life. It can reduce being overwhelmed, reduces stress, so you make better decisions, have better relationships and enjoy more peace of mind.

Mindfulness is often taught in formal classes that use meditation and mindfulness exercises to progress these skills differently by using carefully designed metaphors and techniques instead of using meditation.

Develop mindfulness skills

Those who learn to develop their mindfulness skills find that they are more resilient and more robust in times of difficulties. They have the tendencies of being more present in their own life and report they are happier and enjoy life much more.

Teacher to pupil

Mindfulness has traditionally been taught teacher to pupil. It is only in the last couple of decades that mindfulness has broken free from the monastery or the Guru and become a regular part of the secular world.

Era of computers

Everyone knows that with computers and smart phones – things have changed with almost everything, why would we not believe therapy has changed too?

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