Warning Signs Of Bad Marriages

Believe it or not, most modern-day couples end up in divorce court before they leave small things of their discomfort unattended or unaddressed for long. Over a period of time, these small things take bigger shapes with a build-up of resentment and the couples start experiencing possible signs of divorce.

Here are some signs that you both are possibly heading to a divorce in the near future:

You Start Dreaming A Life Without The Partner:

It is common for couples these days to think about how much better life would possibly be if they were divorced. There may be times when you see happy singles and divorcees enjoy life to the fullest and the sufferings of fellow married couples may cloud your judgment even further. You may have even thought of finding someone to replace your partner. These are possible signs of you dreaming a life without your partner.

Bad In Your Marriage Outweighs The Good:

Your marriage is heading straight to troubles if the negatives outweigh the positives. It is time for you to urgently take proactive steps to ensure the good can outweigh the bad very soon in your marriage. For this, you can take the help of professional experts like Naya Clinics that can guide you in the right direction.

You Start Keeping Things to Yourself:

In every relationship, communication is one of the most important elements. Regular and healthy communication is required to build a healthy bond. You should seek professional help if you both dread talking to each other about life in general or marital problems.

Your Fears May Be Setting You Up For Trouble:

You are at a high risk for a divorce if any of you is dismissive of feelings of the other, engage in stonewalling tactics, overly defensive, or shot contempt for beliefs of the other. Negative defense mechanisms and fears come into the picture when discussions to resolve problems are avoided for long. Marital discord can even make you develop fears that actually should not be there. Therefore, you should have a word with your partner or meet a marriage counselor at the earliest.

You Believe You are The Only One Trying to Solve Problems:

Do you get frustrated every time you want to resolve marital issues with your partner? Do you get a feeling that this relationship seems to be important only for you and the partner is finding reasons to avoid you? Over a period of time, some couples tend to deliberately avoid or find it useless to discuss things with each other and this means they are likely not interested in solving the marital problems. A professional marriage counselor can help you both understand each other’s point of view.

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