Top ways bariatric surgery helps in losing weight

Bariatric surgery is one of the advanced ways of losing weight and managing obesity related diseases. Not only for cosmetic obesity-related surgery is recommended for managing certain diseases too that result in uncontrolled weight gain and pose a threat to normal living eventually. Here is how bariatric surgery helps in weight management:

  • Induces a feeling of satiety:

Stomach and its capacity to hold food determines the ability to eat. Changing the shape and capacity of the stomach the surgery way helps in achieving feeling of satiety with comparatively smaller portions of meals, thus, helps reduce food intake.

  • Controls absorption of nutrients:

Bariatric surgery checks the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, fats etc. by reducing the surface area of the stomach and intestine by bringing change in their shape. Thus, body is made to receive only that amount of nutrients which is essential for health.

  • Promotes higher energy consumption:

Certain procedures lead to conditions that support higher consumption of energy. Thus, people with sedentary lifestyle can consider this surgery for achieving the optimal level of energy consumption. By achieving this, one can burn calories as required for the weight management.

  • Brings hormonal changes:

Since the food intake mechanism and calorie burning activities are modified by altering the anatomy of stomach and intestine, it does cause change in hormonal make-up. These hormonal changes are known to induce energy consumption and weight loss as a result.

Bariatric surgery can prove to be more beneficial if healthy lifestyle is maintained. Though the food intake is lowered, but if the exercising is not focussed upon, the fat storage issue may pop up again. This surgery is recommended more for managing the uncontrollable weight gain caused due to certain medical conditions or hormonal changes. Log on to to know more about these procedures.

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