The State of Florida and Laws on Accident Such as Slipping and Falling

The CDC reported that over two million senior citizens (65 years old and over) were seen in the emergency room as a result of a trip or slip and fall injury during the year 2015. Florida had the most, possibly due to the sheer number of senior citizens living in that state.


When a person slips, trips or falls, there can be injuries to knees, hips, the shoulders, and spinal regions of the neck and back. These injuries can be worse if the fall was on a hard surface. These same types of injuries are also often seen in auto accidents.


Over eight million trips annually are made to hospital emergency rooms most commonly the result of falls.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

Over eight million (8,000,000) trips to hospital emergency rooms annually make falls the most common reason people visit an ER.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission stats show that unsafe floors, as well as defective or improperly maintained flooring materials account for over 2,000,000 injuries from people slipping and falling every year.

Slips and falls are the leading cause of worker’s comp claims in the U.S. each year.

See a Chiropractic Physician

Before doing anything else, after a car accident or slip, trip and fall, the person needs to seek the care of a qualified physician. Dr. Mark A. Silverman, Chiropractic Physician specializes in car accidents, as well as slip & fall and cases of personal injury. These types of accidents and falls can cause back injuries that can be serious. A chiropractic facility specializes in spinal-related injuries. They work closely with patients and provide each with a complete recovery plan. To get further information on obtaining care from a chiropractic physician you can visit

The Rules and Laws in Florida

Although slip and fall accidents are common and, in most instances, result in significant, debilitating injuries, this type of case can be difficult to pursue in court. The laws in Florida governing these types of cases is written heavily in favor or the owner/operator of the premises where the injury took place. When a car accident involves someone over the age of 65, it is hard to prove that it was not the older driver’s fault. In most instances, age is considered the contributing factor to the accident. If you are a Spanish speaker, you can go to

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