Is my Decision of Hair transplant Rational?

Hair transplant in India is considered as the most reliable solution for hair restoration as it is the procedure that can ensure natural and lifetime growing hair.

In this surgical hair restoration loss, resistant and healthy hair follicles are selected and transplanted in the bald areas according to the requirement of the patient. As such this is a safe and minimally invasive procedure to come out from the hair loss effects but there can be some limitations depending on the nature and extent of patient’s hair loss problem and on other factors like age, medical history and health of patient so before choosing this procedure every patient remain worried about his decision of choosing FUE hair transplant.

Following pointers can remove your dilemma about hair transplant and make you reach to the rational decision.

Realistic expectations

This procedure can transfer the finite number of follicles from the donor site to the recipient site so if you are having realistic expectations from the procedure then this procedure is the ideal solution for your hair loss. If you consider the surgery entails and what it can do for you then there is no need to think twice for opting hair transplant method.

Sufficient donor hair

Your decision is right if along with the realistic and practical expectations you have sufficient donor follicles either on the scalp or on body parts like chest, abdomen, legs, and others so that healthy, loss resistant and matched follicles can be transplanted to cover your baldness.

Scalp laxity

Your scalp laxity can also decide if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure or not? If you are having looser skin then it can be easy for the surgeon to extract and transplant hair follicles with FUE hair transplant method but the process of extraction and transplantation can be tough for tighter skin.

Ready to wait for results

If you are looking for instant results for you baldness then hair transplant is not for you as it is the procedure that can give you naturally. Undetectable and lifetime results but you have to wait 8-9 months for the visible results as after the surgeries follicles grow like the existing hair follicles of the patient.

Having enough funds

However, hair transplant cost in India is reasonable but can be heavy on some patients’ pocket so if you are having the arrangement for sufficient funds and are ready to pay for surgery then hair transplantation is the ideal solution as it can be proved as your lifetime investment for your hair.

Sometimes patients to save their money choose the cheaper transplants but not always cheaper is better as there are many clinics that offer cheap packages for hair transplant but provide low quality treatment so in such cases your decision can be wrong to choose the best clinic and best doctor for surgical hair restoration and arrange the funds to pay justified cost for the best treatment so that there could be no place for repentance after surgery.

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