Factors that cause stress during 2-week waiting session after the completion of IVF cycle

IVF treatment in India is considered as not less than a miracle as this treatment has blessed many childless couples and fulfills their dream of becoming the parent. Although IVF is the effective and safe procedure but the journey of this procedure until the last step of pregnancy can be stressful for the intended parents. There can be various questions in the mind of IVF patients that can even snatch their sleep of nights especially during the wait of 2 weeks after the IVF cycle.

Following are the common factors that can raise stress in your waiting session after the completion of the IVF cycle


Cramping can be the sign of periods for many so it can strike fear in the hearts of patients. Some females feel cramps after embryo transfer and they predict it as the sign of IVF failure. However, there is nothing to worry about as the mild cramping and pelvic discomfort are quite common and it may be caused by medications and procedures of IVF.

If you are feeling heavy cramping and heavy bleeding then immediately you must consult your IVF doctor.


Some females experience the spotting after embryo transfer but there is nothing to worry about as it occurs in most of IVF procedures so it is not the bad sign and is known as implantation spotting.

If you are having unusual bleeding even more than your regular periods then you must rush to your IVF center in India for further medical assistance and appropriate solution to tackle with the situation.

Sexual intercourse

Some couples also have doubt whether they could have sex after IVF cycle or not but commonly IVF specialists ask the IVF couples to abstain from sex immediate after IVF cycle as it may cause infection and disturb the implanted embryo.  Normally after 6-8 weeks of IVF cycle the couples can get engage in sexual intercourse but as per the advice of your doctor.

Bed rest

Females are generally prescribed for two-week complete bed rest to ensure the IVF success. However, some studies have claimed that there are no as such benefits or negative effects of taking rest or not taking rest after embryo transfer so the females should take the rest according to the recommendations of the IVF doctor. If the doctor asks to have bed rest depending on your specific case then you must take it to ensure the success of treatment.

Apart from the above common stressful factors, the IVF mothers remain worried by thinking about the success or failure of the IVF cycle and even the fear of having twins or triplets may shake them. Thus after having IVF cycle and till the positivity of the pregnancy test couples have to keep their fingers crossed all the time.

However the IVF specialists suggests that stress during IVF can affect the after results so burst out your stress if you have taken IVF treatment as you have not only bear the physical and mental stress but also paid IVF treatment cost so to make your money and physical efforts worth, burst out your all worries and tensions and be optimistic and careful to ensure IVF success.

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