Don’t Pays to Lose Your Hair

Recently there has been a few A-list celebs who have publicly opened up about their hair loss woos. Big names such as Keira Knightley, Tyra Banks, and Viola Davis all sited stress of various types as the cause for their hair loss, as for Knightley’s situation there were extra variables such as hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy. Yes, over-styling is always a concern because of the physical strain and hair damage enduring by follicles and hair shafts. Of course, diet plays a huge part in the matter as the foods we eat contribute greatly to our body’s internal pH balance and consequently the quality of our hair.

How acidic or alkaline a thing is measured on a scale of 0 to 14 (nope, not 1 to 10), zero represents the most acidic a substance can be and 14 denotes maximum alkalinity, now this system is referenced as the potential hydrogen of a thing and is written as pH for short. Don’t question how this system came about for now, just accept it as an essential part of how beauty products are made and their effects on your lovely locks and glowing skin.

This is where you might want to dig up back your old biology textbook because a basic knowledge of pH and precisely how it influences the body will come in handy. All organs of the body respond to changes in internal pH levels and homeostasis is the terms used for the mechanism the body has in place to restore balance to a system.

Hair is obviously one of the most responsive parts of the body and by virtue of this, it also exhibits changes more readily when pH levels fluctuate. Beautiful hair is a woman’s crowning glory and it indicates that things are function well on the inside as well. No one wants to shed like crazy or worry about how much hair loss occurs while combing their hair when healthy hair is well within reach by just changing the way one eats to achieve proper pH equilibrium.

Hair loss is not an issue any woman wants to deal with but it is real and the acidity of your blood plays a big role in hair loss scientists have discovered. As we consume and digest food there’s always a residue by-product lingering about consequently and the nature of this drifting remains contribute to the body’s overall pH levels and can easily lead to over acidity given the modern American standard diet. For this reason, dieticians and physicians alike often recommend an eating plan that favors plant-based foods as the main portion of each meal to gradually attain a healthy pH level of 7.4 on average.

To make all this simpler for you to understand the pH Health Test Strips for Saliva & Urine by HealthyWiser™ provides comprehensive and easy-to-read results chart so sample tests may be conducted with efficiency right from the comfort of your home. Frequently tracking your internal pH balance is more important than most people realize for great health and general wellness. With a change in a diet filled with more alkaline-forming foods, exercise and pH monitoring your hair is sure to grow, glow and enhance you like never before.

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