Creating the Ideal Environment for a Patients Psychiatric Room

We can all suffer from dark moods; sometimes these develop into depression and even mental illness resulting in ourselves or our loved ones being assessed at a psychiatric hospital. However, people who design these facilities have a good guideline structure, as the facility has to try and be as home-like as possible.

Creating the ideal psychiatric room for patients

This would certainly depend on if the patient was male, female and even a child or adolescent. As all the people have different needs and requirements, for instance, a male patient does not want to be in a pink room if they have a dislike for pink.

So the ideal way is to have the color scheme a neutral color, so it fits for both females and males, obviously, adults and children would not be mixed together.

The actual detail in the rooms is phenomenal, what we would think are everyday home furnishings, you would be wrong, as each piece of furniture has to prevent the patient from self-harming. The idea is the patient’s room is a safe haven, which they can retreat to between treatments, to chill out.

So let us look at some items that help create the perfect patient room in a psychiatric facility


Firstly the toilet is designed so that no material can be wrapped around the bowl of the loo to create a ligature opportunity.  The show curtain track is mounted to the ceiling and should a load be applied to the runners in the track, the runners detach the curtain from the track and it falls to the floor preventing self-harm.

Even toilet roll holders are suicide resistant, the reason being that the patients may have a relapse and try to harm themselves.

Patient’s room

This has the usual looking bed and bedroom furniture, but the beds are bolded down so that they cannot be leaned against the wall and used to self- harm. The beds are very strong, to withstand any physical abuse. The bedroom furniture is also bolted to the walls and special hangers are used, again these are suicide resistant products.

All cables are hidden in the walls and the televisions have to be protected as these can be smashed and the screen used to harm healthcare staff or other patients. We have seen steel suicide resistant TV enclosure that provides the maximum protection with in the room. These behavioral health TV cabinets ensure the not only is the television set protected, but the TV mounts on the wall and the cables, because each of these can be a ligature opportunity.

Duty of care

The patients at these behavioral health centers have to be in a very safe environment for them to recover from their dark episodes and it is our duty as a community to ensure they are as safe as can be during their treatment.

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